Veteran’s Committee and The Greats of the Past

Veteran’s Committee

The Board of Directors is authorized to elect one person each year into the Hall of Fame based upon the recommendation of the Veteran’s Committee. Candidates to be considered for election into the Hall of Fame by the Veterans Committee shall be those candidates who have been on the ballot for seven years and not elected by the Sports Panel Council.

Greats of the Past

In 2005, the National Polish-American Sports Hall of Fame elected its Inaugural class from the Greats of the Past.

The Board takes great pride in the high standards for induction into the National Polish-American Sports Hall of Fame that have been in place throughout the Hall’s history. However, the Board also realized that some great Polish-American athletes of years past, who perhaps should have been inducted into the Hall, have not been accorded that honor. Many of those careers ended long before the creation of the Hall of Fame back in 1973. Many played prior to the development of television and movies, and so we have no video documentation of their talents.

As a result, the Board of Directors created a new category of membership “The Great Athletes of the Past”. Each year the Board of Directors may induct an athlete who fits these criteria.

They are true trailblazers who overcame many obstacles, both on the fields of play and off, to achieve athletic greatness and paved the way for many who followed in their footsteps.