The Voting Process

Screen Shot 2014-01-12 at 9.10.23 pmCompared to other  ”halls of fame” across the country, our Hall selects a relatively small group of individuals on an annual basis. Anyone can nominate his or her favorite athlete or coach of Polish heritage to be considered for placement on our  national ballot.

Any athlete, coach, referee, administrator, writer, commentator or other person who has made a significant contribution to sports, is of  Polish descent (father or mother must be Polish) and who meets  eligibility requirements shall be considered for balloting.

All athletes competing in a senior division and all amateur athletes are immediately eligible to be placed into nomination. All professional athletes are eligible for nomination two years after retiring.

In January of each year the Board of Directors produces an annual ballot with the names of candidates eligible for election into the Hall of Fame.

The Sports Panel Council is responsible for electing candidates into the Hall of Fame. The Sports Panel Council consists of members of the Board of Directors, previous inductees into the Hall of Fame, and selected members of the media, sports fans and Hall of Fame candidates.

In order to fulfill our mission and recognize the accomplishments of Polish-American athletes in all sports, a ballot has been developed which separates the various sports into two categories. One section has candidates from the sports of baseball, basketball, football and hockey. The second section has candidates from all other sports. Each member of the Sports Panel Council casts his or her vote for three candidates in each section. The candidate  receiving the highest number of votes in each section shall be elected to the Hall of Fame.

Candidates not elected to the Hall of Fame are automatically placed on the following year’s ballot. If a candidate is not elected in seven years, his or her name is removed from the ballot and becomes eligible for election by the Veterans Committee.